If there is anything Kanye West has, it certainly is a “WOW” factor. The artist does it again and again whether it is through his music, his art, his interests, and even through his interviews and (infamous) appearances. Sufficed to say we expected no less than this for his upcoming February cover on Interview magazine, an esteemed fashion, art, & design journal in the industry. The images look ethereal and almost not of this planet. Some have even gone far enough to say that they are uncomfortable to look at. That being said,  West was sure to make the imagery powerful and unforgettable.

Perhaps more important – and interestingly enough – who Kanye West is, is what is highlighted in this series of photos. While, yes, his signature masked look is on display throughout the shoot, his bare chest and minimal jeans style is the only visible and/or obvious “fashion” throughout. More emphasis is placed on his grills and gold than anything, but that does not make it any less eye-catching. It is Kanye West’s powerful exterior that is on display for all to see.

Accompanying the images, Kanye West also had a lengthy interview with the people at the magazine, saying of himself, ” I’m a trained fine artist creating ‘sonic paintings”. In addition, he shared his passions, his let downs, and even his future plans. However, while we think of West as a complicated man, he states that he only wants to create art. Whether that is in the form of painting – as he apparently is classically trained to do – or music is something that only the multi-talented West is sure about. Rest assured that he will continue to build his empire. Whether you like it or not it up to you.






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All images via Interview