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Shaun Ross brings something unique to the modeling table. “I challenge photographers,” he told CNN. Ross lives with a unique condition called albinism, resulting from inherited genes that don’t produce the typical amounts of melanin. This results in the obvious visual differences of little to no pigment in his hair, skin or eyes. In the United States, one in 17,000 people has inherited some sort of albinism.

The 22-year old has not let his visual difference affect his work load or modeling dreams, as he has been featured in several music videos and even walked in New York Fashion Week last Fall. The fashion industry has been received some flack increasingly about lack of diversity and what “beauty” really is, and Ross’ appearance on the scene has definitely fanned the flames of that fire.

The young model has said that he has never given much thought to his condition. “It’s really weird to say, but I never thought about my skin being weird. I just knew that’s what it was. I never asked myself why I didn’t look like my parents,” said Ross to CNN.

“My mother has showed me you have no fear,” he continues, “You let people judge you, but who gives a f**k?”

Ross has written two editorials for the Huffington Post dealing with skin care secrets and the modeling industry’s standards of beauty. Check them out, they’re worth the read. He has such a healthy and positive view of what makes people beautiful, which we totally love.

Don’t pay attention to the catwalks of Fashion Week but still certain you’ve seen Ross before? If you watched top 40 recording artists’ music videos or are an America’s Next Top Model fan, you probably have. Ross was featured in Katy Perry’s “E.T” and Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” and “Party”. He was also a lead part in Lana Del Rey’s short film Tropico. Ross took part in the photo shoot “Flawless” during America’s Next Top Model’s 20th season.

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