It is absolutely no secret here at Haute Talk that we love Alexa Chung, so 2013 has been a pretty good year for us. We got her first book, Ita collaboration with Eyeko so we can perfect her signature cat-eye eyeliner, and she was a presenter on Fuse News. 2013 was year of the snake, but we really think it was the year of Alexa.

Chung’s Eyeko collaboration has finally hit stateside, so we can stock up on the limited edition collection without spending our life savings on shipping. There is also talks that she will continue working with the beauty brand on more items, which we cannot wait for, obviously. However, it was announced last week that Chung will be leaving Fuse News. So what is next for the it girl? Luckily the answer isn’t “taking a break” (although she probably needs one.)

Alexa Chung for Eyeko

photo via Refinery 29

According to an interview with Fashionista, Chung really wants to launch her own line. Which would be a dream come true for us. Her 2010 collaboration with Madewell was incredibly successful, and we could love an entire line directly from the source. Chung hopes that with more time on her hands now that she is done with Fuse, that she will be able to sit down and sort something out for 2014. While nothing has been sorted out yet, it is definitely on her list of things to do. Although, don’t expect any cats to be a theme. She thinks they are becoming overdone.

Cats or no cats, we hope to see a line from Chung this year. Until it happens we will just keep perfecting our cat-eye eyeliner and trying to nail the perfect “I just got out of bed” hair style.

What would you like to see in Alexa Chung’s clothing line?

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