Artist Tim Marrs has created two pieces for Salvatore Ferragamo‘s Los Angeles pop-up shop so far. A handful of artists were picked to create works that were inspired by his jewelry collection, making this collaboration a cross between modern art and fashion. The art is being displayed as part of The Hollywood Legacy exhibition in the store.

The announcement of a Ferragamo pop-up shop came in October, and the shop opened on November 15. The shop is inside the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in Beverly Hills as a tribute to the city of Los Angeles where Ferragamo got his roots nearly 100 years prior when he opened his first leather shoe shop. The pop-up shop and the accessories carried there all pay tribute to the City of Angels. Both of Marrs’ pieces are on display; one was sown on an interactive screen and the other was printed on an exclusive line of accessories.

Salvatore Ferragamo art and jewelry

Marrs explains his vision, and how the work came from the inspired piece: “I chose a pair of unalike bracelets and using them as a starting point, I put my own spin on it, keeping California in mind,” Marrs says. “The first played with substitution — the jewelry reminded me of an infinity pool, so I set that against the L.A. landscape.”  He began by spray-painting canvases, and then brought the backdrops into Photoshop to put them together.

“It was challenging to not be overly concerned with the Ferragamo aesthetic and to have faith in my process,” Marrs remarks. “It ended up being good fun because it was such a loose brief … I tried to let go a bit and hopefully that comes through in the imagery.” The shop will come to a close on December 22.


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