It seems like only yesterday we were shaking our heads over Marilyn Manson for Saint Laurent (Ed note: It was. Almost.)

Now the inexplicable is made slightly more explicable as a few details of Hedi Slimane’s ‘Saint Laurent Music Project’ surface. A dozen shots from the series premiered yesterday at Dazed Digital.

In addition to Manson, Slimane has shot Courtney Love, ex-Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon, and Los Angeles musician Ariel Pink for the campaign.

Per the folks at Dazed:

Gordon maintains the signature brilliance of a mannish woman in her picture, even nabbing Hedi’s own scarf. Part suited she treads a tightrope familiar from Sonic Youth, a free spirited girl with total TCB steeliness.

Courtney Love, photographed several times by Slimane over the past decade, is seen at home in a pinstriped suit and silk ruffle shirt wigging out over her guitarLet It Bleed, Love’s ink locked in standoff with an evening dress, is a statement Mick J has history with, cake sculpture optional.

Marilyn Manson, he who drawled “I’m not an artist but a f*cking work of art” follows, complemented by Ariel Pink who shows off his party trick with chipped nail polish. Both wear bikers.

And there you have it.

Is it wrong that we’re kind of exhausted by all this business?



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