Stop everything you’re doing! Ryan Gosling is at the International Cannes Film Festival… and it is incredible.

On Tuesday, Gosling attended the photocall for his movie “Lost River” along with Christina Hendricks, Reda Kateb, Matt Smith and Ian De Caestecker. Gosling opted for a white dress shirt, brown dress pants and shoes to match — once again proving, he’s the best-dressed man alive. The rest of the crew looked pretty casual, but Christina Hendricks’ all-black ensemble really showed off her amazing curves.

Eva Mendes is also in the film, but wasn’t at the photocall. She is supposedly going to walk the red carpet Tuesday night with Gosling for the movie’s premiere. And, let’s just say, we’ll be waiting for the moment all day long.

Other big-name celebrities also attended photocalls today including model Rosie Huntington Whitley and Marion Cottillard.

Now, get ready to scroll through the photos below, and take in all that is Ryan Gosling.

Hey girl, just fixing my hair.

ryan gosling cannes

Hey girl, just staring into your soul.

ryan gosling cannes

Hey girl, just reminding Christina Hendricks that she’s the luckiest woman in the world.

 ryan gosling cannes

Hey girl, just walking with my hands in my pockets.

ryan gosling cannes

Hey girl, just saying ‘hey.’

ryan gosling cannes

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