Take a look at what you are wearing right now. If you happen to be sporting any of the latest trends (high-waisted shorts, loafers, dungarees, leather leggings, just to name a few) chances are Alexa Chung was wearing it in 2009. The almost 30-year-old “It Girl” has been at the forefront of fashion since she was scouted at the age of 16. Her face graced the campaigns for brands like Fanta, Sunsilk and Tampax. However, after just four years, Chung quit modeling. But that doesn’t mean she quit the spotlight.

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Alexa left the modelling world with the intention of pursuing a degree, and to give herself some space from the “distorted body image” and “low self-esteem” she was beginning to develop. Before signing her contract with Storm she had been accepted to a few schools to study English and Art. However, instead of heading back to school, Alexa’s career took a different turn. In 2006 she started presenting TV programs, starting with Popworld on Channel 4 in England. Alexa appeared as a guest host on numerous Channel 4 programs before moving to New York to host her own MTV show, It’s On With Alexa Chung (a show that was, in my opinion, perfect. It was not, however, well received by American audiences.)

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In addition to modeling and presenting, Chung wrote guest columns for magazines through out England. She wrote a weekly newspaper column. She even was a contributing editor for British Vogue. She even has a book coming out this month. She has a satchel designed after her. She had her own clothing line for Madewell. Which raises the question: what can’t this woman do?

Maybe she can’t make good pie crust. (She probably can.)

Hailing from Hampshire, England, Alexa made the move to New York City back when she was still with her indie-band front man beau Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys) and has been there ever since. She currently hosts Fuse News, a music news show. So while she models far less than she used to and refers to herself as a “former” model, her presence has by no means left the public eye.

Alexa Chung It Girl

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Alexa is one of those people that seems so effortless in everything she does. She makes it a point to stay true to herself in everything she does, so it is no wonder that she has dipped her hands into so many things. She is known for her tomboy style and husky voice. For her devoted following and quick wit. But with the way things seem to be going she could be known for much more in the years to come.

So while she may have left the “runway” she isn’t quite a runaway. Alexa Chung isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So if you aren’t used to seeing her around, you may want to start adjusting now.

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