Yes, there are going to be rules. No the rules are not “run as fast as you can, grab everything, everyone for themselves.” No, things are going to be different this time when it comes to Isabel Marant for H&M.

The well sought after collaboration has had people on the edge of their seats for what has seemed like ages. The line will finally hit stores on November 14th. However, keep in mind that it will not hit the racks of every H&M. This list of stores will let you know if you need to get up bright and early, or if you can just stay in and order online. If you are going to be ordering online, the line opens at 12pm EST, however if you are heading to a brick and mortar store, doors will open at 8am. Which brings us back to these rules we mentioned earlier.


photo via racked

The first 300 people in line to shop Isabel Marant will be given wristbands. Groups of thirty will be given wristbands of corresponding colors and the groups will be allowed to shop the collection for 15 minutes. There will be a five minute break in between each group allowing the staff to tidy up and restock if need be. After three and a half hours the collection opens to everyone else.

While the procedure seems a little crazy, anyone who has tried to shop a limited collection anywhere, not just H&M, knows that it can be like Black Friday but worse. Hopefully this structure will keep things fair and under control. Let’s remember ladies, this is not WalMart and those beautiful burgundy waxed biker jeans are not Tickle Me Elmos. We can be civilized while we shop.

H&M has set up a microsite to help you plan out what you want before you get there. Just keep in mind that you may not have a lot of time to try things on. So err on the side of caution. Or not. Who are we kidding? Just go crazy.

What are you hoping to get your hands on?

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