Fellow U.S. citizens, you’re going to want to see this! RoC Skincare, the anti-aging skincare pioneer, has teamed up with research firm Sperling’s Best Places to bring us the second annual Wrinkle Ranking. This Wrinkle Ranking essentially tells us the U.S. states where residents are most at risk for aging skin and wrinkles! Each state was given a “Wrinkle Index” a.k.a a measure of each state’s vulnerability to skin damage, wrinkles and premature aging. Yikes!

How, you may be asking, can you even determine wrinkle-proneness by state? Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD, FAAD, says there are many major factors that come into play.

“Residents of every state have their share of positive and negative skin health factors so the exact cause of wrinkles can vary. However, there are several factors that can increase the rate at which skin ages, including high levels of stress, dangerous exposure to pollution and UVA/UBA radiation.”

RoC Wrinkle RankingThe study focused on factors commonly known to cause skin damage, like exposure to UV rays. Other factors like daily commute time, ozone pollution, stress levels and geographic elevation also came into play. With stress, daily commute time and pollution playing a big role, it’s no surprised that The Big Apple was #1.

As a New Yorker, this study has seriously made me want to buy every RoC product on the market. Apparently, the state topped the list because New Yorkers have high rankings for being “dissatisfied with life” and “lacking emotional support.” It also boasts the second longest commute times. What a time to be a New Yorker, folks, watch out for those wrinkles!

While good Ol’ NYC sits in first place for most prone to wrinkles, Alaska is, not surprisingly, in last. Much to our surprise, the sunniest states like Hawaii (#47), Mississippi (#31), and Louisiana (#29) actually have the lowest rates of skin cancer and aren’t in the top 25 most wrinkle-prone states!


Meanwhile, a lot of Southern states like West Virginia (#3), Tennessee (#8) and Kentucky (#7) made it in the top 10. Their wrinkle-prone score went up mostly because of a “generally poor diet” and “high percentage of smokers.”

This isn’t the first time Sperling’s Best Places has done skincare by state related research! For years, they’ve been helping people find their own “Best Place” to live, work and retire. While it might be a little crazy to choose which state to live in by how likely you are to get wrinkles, it’s definitely important to note!

Sperling's Best Places

Whether your state made in in the top 5 or not, now is the time to load up on sunscreen and perfect your skincare regimen! Skincare is no joke. Visit RoCSkincare.com and Facebook.com/RoCSkincare for more information on RoC Skincare!

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