Supermodel Robyn Lawley is known for her curvaceous body, gorgeous face and her many, many magazine covers. But now, the 25-year-old will be known for something else: her motherly skills.

Lawley sat down with The Australian Women’s Weekly and confessed that she and her long-time boyfriend Everest Schmidt are expecting their first child! “I’m about six months pregnant,” Lawley said. “It wasn’t that big of a shock. We were excited when we found out.”

Lawley said she is due sometime around January/February, and while it’s an exciting time for her and Schmidt, she says her job isn’t exactly kid-friendly. “With modeling, it’s never a good time to fall pregnant, but Everest and I were going to start trying for a family in a few years anyway.”

robyn lawlely pregnant

Lawley has been an advocate for plus-size women everywhere, and while we appreciate her no matter what her size, not everyone is on the same boat at us. “A lot of people write to me telling me I should be ashamed of myself because I am contributing to body dysmorphia and that really hurts,” she said. “I never gave myself the title ‘plus-size’, I was just happy to model at any size.”


This is how we know Lawley will be an excellent mother, no matter what the sex of the baby is. She has faced diversity and still has risen above with a smile on her face and some killer clothes on her back. Head over to The Australian Women’s Weekly for more information.

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