Rita Ora’s Adidas line just got some major, major love. None other than the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, modeled clothing from the Adidas Loves Rita Ora collection. Ora put the photo of Beyonce wearing the floral pants, crop top and hat on her Instagram, with the caption: “My big sis, The queen to you… rocking my first Adidas loves Rita Ora collection! #unstoppable out for you August 26th. #thankyou #myfamilia #iloveyou @beyonce.”  That photo was never posted to Beyonce’s Instagram, which has basically become an Outfit of the Day Instagram for all of us from the Beyhive. But, Beyonce wore the top again with cut-off jean shorts, which she did post to her own account with the caption: “ATL.”

Obviously, this will have a huge impact on Ora’s Adidas line, which will be available in stores starting August 26th. Since Ora posted the image of Beyonce wearing her clothes, users have commented on its significance for her line. “You are about to make a killing you know the Beyhive will support what stores will be selling the merchandise,” one person wrote. 

Plus, considering how Beyonce and Ora’s styles are so different, it gives customers a new look on how to wear the apparel. We have to say, we were excited when we just knew it was Ora’s name was behind the products, but now that it’s got Bey’s stamp of approval, we’re on another level. Oh, and this should also dispel any concerns about Beyonce having beef with the singer. Remember, it was just a few months ago that rumors started circulating that Jay Z and Ora were getting a little too close for comfort. Ugh.

Will you buy something from Rita Ora’s Adidas line?