Rihanna for River Island

Rihanna as fashion designer, take 2. Today River Island released a behind-the-scenes video giving a first look at the pop star’s second collection, Rihanna for River Island, for the high street brand. The star made her design debut this spring for the London based brand and showed at London Fashion Week.

Spring was a sell-out hit, so there’s no wonder why she was invited back for another go. In an interview with British Vogue, Rihanna’s co-designer Adam Selman tells us how this collection will stand out.

 “The first collection was a lot purer, about finding pieces that Rihanna felt were missing from her closet. There is a real concept to this one. I can’t give too much away, but we travel so much and experience so much of the world. We’re very lucky to do so and that definitely inspired us. The idea of sports uniforms and masculine vs feminine is something we evolved from last season too. There was a lot of pressure with our debut – this felt more relaxed.”

By the looks of the video, it seems that she’s trading the tie dye seen in her Spring/Summer collection for a lot more camo… which is trending right now but we feel that by the time winter rolls around it may already be dead. The climate change will introduce a new challenge to the sophomore designer. Those crop tops and fishnet skirts from summer definitely wont see much daylight in the snow. To rebuttal, it looks like a few jackets and coats are in the works. We wouldn’t be surprised by seeing varsity jacket similar to the one she’s wearing (but in camo of course).

But, this is just the preview and things may still change. We’re looking forward to what she brings to the table… and as secret super-fans of this bad-ass, we hope she delivers.

Justin Gilbert is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is studying Advertising and Public Relations, with a minor in Studio Art. This course of study stemmed from his love of design, fashion, creativity, and innovative marketing. This summer, Justin hopes to gain valuable insight and experience in the world of editorial fashion. In the future, Justin plans to be a fashion public relations professional while simultaneously growing his blog, The Style Lion, to become a staffed publication and a brand of its own.