In the aftermath of the Met gala, we’ve wondered the fate of Kim Kardashian’s latest stylist, who made the ill-fated decision to give Kim’s formerly short-sleeved Givenchy gown attached gloves. The result has been one of the more widely-trashed red carpet looks in recent history, earning Kim comparisons to 1) Mrs. Doubtfire 2) a floral couch 3) Homer Simpson. Now the dress’ designer, Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, has come out in defense of the much-maligned look.

“I love Kim. Doing maternity was fantastic. I wanted to have a Kim Kardashian moment, because Kim always supports me,” Tisci told WWD, calling her “the future wife” of his friend Kanye West.

Per the Telegraph: “Kardashian reportedly trusted Tisci so much that she let him do whatever he felt right, which turned out to be a floral high-necked, be-gloved, slashed-to-the-thigh number that didn’t exactly stick to the event’s punk theme.”

“I said, we should give her our punk moment with a romantic beautiful flower-printed dress. I have dressed many pregnant women in the past. People can say what they want. To me, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world, and when you celebrate something, you give people flowers,” continued Tisci. “I think she looked amazing. She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career.”

We’re stifling our laughter to the best of our abilities.