Makeup bags are a dangerous territory. The few that aren’t gifts with purchase (here’s looking at you, Clinique of our adolescence!) are mostly inexplicably pricey, get grungy with incredible speed, and make it impossible to find/see anything. Upscale brushed end up battered and bent, and blushes and eyeshadows often get shattered.

But, there’s hope. We’ve discovered the makeup bag you product junkie jet setters unequivocally need: the Hold Me bag. Per the folks at Hold Me, here’s the impetus for creating this ingenious product:

After a lot of personal searching for that perfect fit, it took some time to develop the Hold Me Bag. The initial spark came from everyday lifestyle issues: many years living in a small beach cottage with one little bathroom; constantly packing for last-minute business travel; a promotion then a move, gaining a larger bathroom, but requiring more time at work so even less time in the morning to get out the door. So the quest for “that one bag” which would hold and organize cosmetics, brushes, and tools, keep everything at a glance, all the while saving time by streamlining the daily make-up routine, was on!

The Hold Me bag comes in two sizes, the original version (a full-service bag for errythang, with 15 brush sleeves, 10” by 7” closed, an impressive 22” when open) and the ‘Baby’ (a compact version for makeup minimalists, 7” by 5” closed, 16.5” fully opened).

Since most of our traveling is only a couple of days at a time and luggage space is at a premium, we opted to test drive the Hold Me Baby in the beautiful Melody print. The exterior is, like all the Hold Me bags, vegan black suede that’s a breeze to clean. The interior is lined with laminated cotton print fabric (you can choose from a harem of designs).

The zippered body of the bag features a pocket (perfect for sample packets), and a spacious zippered compartment with a removable designer that’s brilliant for separating palettes, foundation and blushes into two ‘levels.’

The brush section extends off the main body of the bag and boasts six brush slots (the classic version has 15), all of which are capable of holding one large brush, or a couple of smaller brushes or pencils. A flap that folds down over the brushes ensures that they’re protected.

The bottom line? This patented design is makeup perfection. The bag is of a gorgeous quality (handmade in the U.S.!) and makes accessing and perusing your products easier than ever. Still skeptical? Take a look at this review from Laura over at the Glossarie for another look at how much you can stash. For a review of the full-size version, head over to Gave That. In the meantime, we’re going on record with it: this one’s our new essential.

Hold Me Baby Bag, $55. Hold Me Classic Bag, $95. Available at Hold Me and these retailers.