DEX New York Body Sunless Tanner and Matte Lipstick

I was lucky enough to visit DEX Studio above the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store on Fifth Avenue recently and play with entire line, which is laid out in an enticing manner for the ladies who come up to have their makeup done before big events. This place is one of New York’s best-kept secrets, but you don’t have to go all the way to New York and make an appointment to buy DEX New York’s wonderful products. You can just go to

When I visited the studio, I asked to check out the two latest items. One is the Body Glow, which is a favorite of Carrie Underwood’s, especially right before red carpet time when she wants to give her pale legs and shoulders just the right glow.

The word GLOW is key here—this is a light bronzer that gives you color but is not highly opaque. You look a couple of shades darker but I would call it a “sun-kissed sheen.” It is a very natural looking shade and does not streak. You exfoliate, and then you can just put it on with your hands. It is truly no fuss, although you do need to stay away from water for an hour.

This product is not tested on animals and a six-ounce bottle will last you about five or six weeks applied once every couple of days. Price is $36.

The second new item I checked out and fell in love with is their Matte Lipstick. Colors have two names—one is a New York City street name and one is the name of the color.

The ultimate color for me (and probably a lot of people wanting a good match for the wonderful Body Glow) is Atlantic Avenue, aka Bronze.  I am actually going to be wearing this shade—which in my book is really a brownish mauve—past the summer months. It’s a great shade for those who wear dramatic eyes—so they need more neutral lips! But do not think the color is sheer without pigment—it does make a statement and stays fresh for hours. Believe it or not, it contains all day conditioners including Vitamin E, castor oil and canina fruit extract, which really keep your lips soft and subtle. Price is $22.

Can you tell that I am daffy over DEX? Be sure to visit their site and check out not only the products  (like their killer makeup brushes), but the interesting list of makeup classes held in their studio.

Anne M. Raso is an entertainment/fashion/travel/beauty journalist living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In the past, she has been a NY Daily News, music columnist, Tiger Beat associate editor, and has written several books on teen celebs. She is a die-hard New Yorker and loves both high-end and bargain fashion finds--and covering New York events.