Reese Witherspoon has landed herself another Vogue cover. This time the 38-year-old actress looks stunning covering the magazine’s October 2014 issue.

On the cover, which was shot by Mikael Jansson, wears a gorgeous red dress with her hair full of volume and her makeup very natural. Inside, we see the actress look very glamorous and Old Hollywood. One of our favorite photos is of Witherspoon wearing a floral Dolce & Gabbana printed-silk dress and matching corset. Around her neck is a stunning onyx pendant by Cartier.

reese witherspoon vogue cover

In this editorial spread, we see Witherspoon in a more mysterious light. Normally, she’s captivating us with her smile and charm, but for her fifth Vogue cover, she’s gone a little darker. (Perhaps a little too much — Instagram users are commenting on Vogue’s photo saying that Witherspoon looks nothing like herself and that she is too photoshopped). However, her new look coincides with her career. She will be playing Cheryl Strayed in the new film “Wild” where we will see Witherspoon in a much different light than we’re used to — including a sexual one. Witherspoon had to do a sex scene for the film, something she knew people wouldn’t necessarily want from the Girl Next Door. “I just didn’t want to hear, ‘Oh, we don’t want to see Reese have sex. . . . Oh, can we not have any profanity?’ ” says Witherspoon. “I wanted it to be truthful, I wanted it to be raw, I wanted it to be real.”

reese witherspoon vogue cover


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