April 20th: It’s Not Just About Getting High.

That would be our suggested slogan for Record Store Day, which coincides with the hemp holiday, but what do we know? We’re but humble journalists.

Tomorrow, record stores around the world will celebrate with special limited edition releases, in-store performances, and a bevy of promotions, as they have once a year since 2007. In an era where the MP3 rules and 180 gram vinyl is at best a niche-y subculture, it’s a great way to drive business and new customers to shops. It’s also the perfect excuse to take a trip down memory lane and peruse the album covers we’d really like to shop.


David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World: Pastel, Art Nouveau printed satin with frog closures? This is our ideal dinner-hosting loungewear.


AC/DC – Highway to Hell: Angus Young’s blue velvet blazer needs no introduction. You can thank his sister, Margaret, for encouraging him to wear the schoolboy get-up during performances.

record 4

Grace Jones – Nightclubbing: The phallic, unlit cigarette, the flattop, the Helmut Newton-esque power silhouette, the burgundy lips. Oh Grace—is there anything you can’t do stunningly?


Adam and the Ants – “Stand & Deliver” single: Adam obviously exists in a glorious sartorial realm all his own, somewhere at the intersection of French revolutionary militia, pirates, and leather enthusiasts. Also: face paint! Totally Balmain.

Vinyl records collectors

Elton John – Greatest Hits: The approach of summer makes us actively covet two things: to consume alcohol al fresco, and to sport immaculately tailored white suits a la Tom Wolfe and Elton.