It’s the second round of a schoolyard-ish pick, and the numbers game dictates that two of the remaining seven designers will go home. Mondo and Nick need two designers, and Anya needs one. The challenge is for the designers to grab as much fabric as possible in thirty seconds and make a garment in six hours that shows their point of view. Ready…go!

The designers begin their challenge by inspecting the fabrics they selected, and there are quite a few disappointments. With four hours left, outfits start to come together and Tim Gunn checks in with the mentors and sends them in to meet the designers.

Nicholas has a geometric dolman-sleeved dress even though his work is all menswear. The boxy shape is reminiscent of menswear, and the designers respond really well to the aesthetic. Sam has a charcoal grey raglan tunic sweater and a circle skirt that could be totally cute. Anya is blown away by his vision, which is a strange reaction to a shapeless sweater. It’s time to meet Hot Mom Amy. Nick and Anya call her dress “refined,” but Mondo thinks it’s a little safe. Kooky Hat Girl Isabelle speaks Mondo’s language: “Okay I just kind of create the whole shape in my head then cut it, cut it, cut it, then put them together, the shapes.” Asha works in three-dimensional shapes and is draping wine-colored fabric into a shadowy dress. Rey is designing a blazer with pants, and he is so confident that it’s more than a little off-putting despite the dated design and safe fabrics. Stephanie and Mondo know each other from Denver, which is weird. She’s making a boring dress, and she doesn’t seem ready to make it anything more.

It’s the final model fitting and Rey’s pants are looking really sleek, and I’m so glad he ditched the blazer. Stephanie’s dress is prim and proper, and Isabelle is running everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Oof, Amy’s dress turned out to be a snore, but maybe a good runway stomp will give it some attitude. With ten minutes left, Nicholas puts the final touches on his hospital smock and Isabella tries to find her marbles. Tim Gunn has to tear Isabelle away from her sewing machine, and it’s not going well. Wow. It turns to scolding real quick. Why do you make Tim Gunn yell, Isabelle? Stop touching your model! The producers finally shoo her away, and it is just about the nuttiest backstage moment I’ve ever seen.

To the runway!


Stephanie’s dress has a much better silhouette than I thought; it didn’t have that pouf in the workroom.



Amy’s dress is just weird. Those giant slit pleats are really bizarre, unwearable, and unattractive.



Sam’s grey outfit is “slouchy chic,” and I would so wear it.



Isabelle’s black sparkle dress looks really beautiful considering she didn’t finish it in time. The shape is interesting and innovative.



Ooh, Rey’s pants are gorgeous but the sweater is very cat lady.



Asha’s dress is confusing. I don’t know if it’s the skin or the metallic color, but it just does not look tasteful.



Nicholas’s shapeless blob is extremely subtle in its elegance.

Nick goes first and chooses Sam. Anya and Mondo want him as well, so there are decisions to be made. Sam decides to be on Mondo’s team. Aww, poor Nick. Anya picks Nicholas, and both Mondo and Nick jump aboard. He chooses Anya, and Nick is ready to go all Tonya Harding on the other mentors.

Anya’s team is now full, and Mondo gives his turn to Nick who chooses Isabelle? I’m so confused. Mondo uses his noodle and passes on this wackadoodle. Mondo wants to work with Asha because she has an organic, sculptural approach. His team is now complete, so Nick gets to pick one of the remaining three designers. It’s a tough decision since each one of these designers borders on mediocrity, but Nick needs a team and this is his talent pool. Nick goes with Stephanie, which means Rey and Amy go home. Tim Gunn talks them off gracefully before heading backstage to toast the twelve designers.

Next week, no, no, no, no no!

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