Following last week’s surprise non-elimination, the all-star designers had a gun battle on their hands when they had to use Bonnie and Clyde as inspiration for their creation this week, in anticipation of the new TV mini-series, Bonnie and Clyde: Dead and Alive. The designers collaborated in pairs to work on looks inspired by the ’30s. The judges looked for glamour, elegance and rebellion that represented the personalities of these famous outlaws, and they based the bulk of their decisions on how well the teams worked together to create a cohesive look. The winner of the runway will debut their looks in a Lifetime original movie. All of the looks were praised, and Alyssa Milano said this runway was her favorite of the season. Let’s check out the teams:

Viktor and Christopher
These two have done relatively well in the competition so far. Christopher designed an elegant evening gown that wowed the judges and landed him a place in the top three. The judges called his dress “flawless” and raved about his pairing of the red fabric with a leather belt.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - christopher

Viktor did not fare as well in the competition. The fringe on his jacket irritated Milano and the judges said this look was not up to par with the level of taste an all-star designer should be showing.

project runway all strs season 3 episode 5 - Viktor

Korto and Elena
Their looks were safe this week. The two were a good pair together, and Korto’s down-to-earth personality helped keep Elena on track. Elena made an all-black, domineering “Bonnie” with delicate gloves and heels (and an awesome up-do to match, might we add).

project runway all strs season 3 episode 5 - Elena

Korto made an amazingly innovative jacket for her “Clyde,” whose jacket collar turned into a scarf.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - Korto

Seth Aaron and Jeffrey
These two former winners of their respective seasons paired up for a well-received match on the runway. Seth Aaron’s look received mixed reviews, with Milano telling him he “knocked it out of the park,” while the other judges said the cut was stunning but did not live up to the challenge requirements.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - Seth Aaron

Jeffery had a tough few weeks, landing himself in the bottom three times and narrowly escaping elimination. He struggled during construction with time management and logistics when his male model’s measurements were more than a year old. His Japanese military inspired topcoat and trousers won the judges heart, though, and launched Jeffrey from the bottom to the top. Though the judges did say his coat looked slightly more ’20s than ’30s, they loved his pants, called his work “beautiful,” and awarded him the top prize for the night.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - Jeffrey

Mychael and Irina
The judges loved Irina’s dress. They said she “achieved the glamorous look of the ’30s” and that her tailoring was spot on. They criticized her jacket for being overly complicated and covering up the gorgeous work underneath, but Milano said she would wear the dress in a heartbeat.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - Irina

Although the judges appreciated Mycheal’s vision, they said his look felt more like a costume and was reminiscent of the ’80s. Milano called the work “less Bonnie and Clyde and more Desperately Seeking Susan.” The judges sent Mychael home.

project runway all stars season 3 episode 5 - Mychael

“It’s been such a fantastic experience,” Mychael said. “I have never been around so many creative, inspiring people. The biggest thing I am taking away from this is learning to step out of my comfort zone.”

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