On this week’s Under the Gunn Zanna Roberts Rassi explains the very simplistic challenge: create a Hollywood-inspired red carpet look. Blah. Boooring. Where’s the challenge in that? Well, they only have one day to work on it, so maybe that’ll keep things interesting.


Sketching is done on a tour bus, and Anya gives her team super duper deep advice to “do something that excites you.” Then, Tim Gunn kicks everyone off of the bus so that the designers can shop at Mood. Kooky Hat Lady uses her precious Mood minutes for a bathroom break, and is that pink and black zebra print? Now that is a challenge. Camila is wandering around the store in a fuzzy sweater that I think needs to be fed after Tim Gunn already calls time, and can you people stop pissing off that sweet old man!?

Ten hours left and I’m seeing metallic, sheer, lots of origami folding, and in walk the mentors. Tim Gunn notices that Nick is being a control freak. He’s sketching, he’s draping, he’s pattern-making, he’s on the floor drawing on the muslin….Tim puts the kibosh on the hands-on “mentoring,” but Nick doesn’t seem too inclined to listen to Papa Gunn. Ugh. Always listen to Papa Gunn! Ooh, look at Shan’s tuxedo blazer in the crazy black and white print! I kind of love it and I hope he makes wild lapels. Meanwhile, Michelle’s diamond-seamed red dress is tortured and tragic so I look forward to seeing how that pans out.

With just over two hours until the runway, the mentors come in to assist with styling. Umm…Shan’s outfit is boobalicious, and there’s no way those things are staying put on the runway. Sigh. More hands-on from Nick, to the point where I wonder if this entire episode isn’t just one big advertisement for his new label, Help From Nick.

To the way-cooler-set-than-Project-Runway runway! The judges are stylist Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Rachel Roy.


Anya’s Group

Brady made a silky patterned look that’s very young and boring. Blake’s blue and yellow and grey patterned dress is pretty and has flow and movement and style. Nicholas’s black dress is okay…but there’s almost too few fringe. Shan’s tuxedo barely conceals a plastic surgeon’s handiwork.

Mondo’s Group

Sam’s metallic grey jumpsuit is very hip and chic and badass. Asha’s white dress is tragic. Poorly constructed, shantung disaster. Michelle’s red diamond dress is terrible, she just took on too much sewing in too little time. Camila’s white dress is actually kind of cool, until the model turns around and you see how tossed-together it really is.

Nick’s Group

Isabelle’s gold gown is elegant and modern. Natalia’s black gown is gorgeous, with unexpectedly offset straps. Stephanie’s green gown looks like a sale rack prom dress. Oscar’s jade green halter gown is ill-fitted and ill-advised.

Camila, Sam, Michelle, Shan, Blake, and Stephanie have the highest and lowest scores. Michelle’s critique is as expected, she took on too much, it’s got a diamond on her hooha, and it’s boring. Shan’s suit impresses the judges. Sam’s metallic overalls are a hit. Blake’s silky, watery gown is a pretty pastel that is called extra special words like “stunning.” Camila gets a dressing down for her poorly constructed dress. She rambles on about not having a lot of fabric choice in Venezuela, and also having to work in centimeters is hard. Or something. Stephanie’s dress is just the worst, and Rachel Roy calls it “tragic.”

Between Camila, Michelle, and Stephanie, the judges send home Camila. Which is only fair since it appears that she spent her time on the show murdering a muppet, skinning it, dyeing it purple, and stitching herself a sweater. The winner is Sam with his crazy metallic jumpsuit.

Next week, Vampire Land and unconventional materials.

photos via Lifetime