Now that we have the unconventional materials challenge out of the way, let’s sew some clothes.

This week on Under the Gunn is product placement! Have you ever walked into a room and it smells like synthetic orchard? Does that make you think about transitioning from day to evening? Because the challenge is to design an outfit that takes a woman from day to evening, and something about air fresheners.

There’s going to be a lot of jackets-over-dresses…and Tim Gunn scolds Nick for designing Oscar’s outfit. And oh look, a cape over a dress, and a vest over a pant, and is that a jacket over a skirt? Truth talk: women don’t really do the whole day to evening outfit thing. Either we bring an entirely different outfit to work and change in the bathroom, go home after work and head out much later, or we just unbutton the top two buttons on our blouse, slip on some heels, and we’re good to go. Stop trying to make day to evening happen!


Anyway, Natalia’s crying again. “I don’t think I can handle being in the bottom emotionally?” Everyone is so over it and Nick basically tells her to shut up and work, and stop dripping on her fabric. Then there’s Michelle, whose shoulder pads “are not looking as awesome as I imagined them.” Shoulder pads? Shoulder pads. Ugh. Other than that, boring, boring, boring.

Anya’s “flustered” over a cummerbund Shan is designing and Mondo’s trying to save Michelle’s ill-advised shoulder pads. Is the entire workroom going to the prom in 1986? Oh ha, Asha calls Natalia’s dress “a bodycon dress you can get at Forever 21.”

To the runway! The judges are Jen Rade, Rachel Roy, and guest judge Macklemore.


Shan’s houndstooth daytime dress is frumpy, and the transition is awkward. Blake’s daytime pants suit is kind of slick, but then the model has to take her pants off and the shirt is a too-short skirt? No. Natalia’s daytime dress is a knit cowl weirdness and the evening look really is Forever 21 cheapo street clothes. Oscar’s daytime look is a little nighttime, and the nighttime look is a little deigning women. As Michael Kors would say I question his taste level. Asha’s daytime look bulges in some weird places and the nighttime look bulges in even more. Michelle’s daytime look is a frumpy parachute, and I almost miss the shoulder pads. A few straps turn it into a straight jacket. Sam’s daytime look is a cute summery dress. Then, she rips her top off and attaches it to the belt for a bizarre but perfectly adorable evening cocktail dress.

Sam is safe, and everyone else is the best and worst. The judges are impressed with Oscar’s cape and “high fashion” night look. I don’t know. I’m a business woman, and I wouldn’t be caught dead walking into an office in a cape and skirt with slits up to here. Asha’s flapfest is a fail. “It’s not a flattering shape.” Really? You think? The judges enjoy Shan’s zippered transition dress with the world’s first tear-away cummerbund. Next, Michelle. Who picks blah brown fabric? That’s the kind of fabric you buy when you have to make a potato costume. Natalia’s dress is called “super classy” by someone who has a very different definition of “super classy” than the rest of the planet. “This is elegant to me.” Oh goodness. Blake’s bellbottom suit is called “boring,” even though the model totally took her pants off for you.

Under the Gunn Trouble in the Lounge Sam

Backstage, Anya and Mondo let it all out. They don’t think Natalia has any business being in the top because she has “uncompleted ideas” and is a poopy poopyhead crybaby. Bicker, bicker, bicker, and it turns into “your mom didn’t raise you right.”

Asha and Shan are safe. Blake and Michelle have the bottom two looks, and the judges send Michelle home. It was the right choice, that fabric was unforgivable. Oscar is the winner of the challenge, and Nick is like a proud mamma. But when Natalia goes back to the lounge, silence. It’s clear that nobody thinks she should still be in the competition. Then, Mondo tells the judges that he is disappointed, and Anya says that the judges will regret their decisions because Natalia is, as discussed, a poopy poopy head crybaby. The judges explain that they liked Natalia’s idea, and that Michelle’s outfit was conceptless. But whatever. I would’ve sent everyone home this week.

Next week, it’s a team challenge and nobody wants to work with Natalia.

photos via Lifetime