With Anya’s incoherent ouster of Nicholas on last week’s Under the Gunn, she’s down to just two designers. For the remaining eight designers, it’s a trip to the beach to gape at Tim Gunn’s flip flops.

The challenge is to create a California look inspired by the beach using beach stuff. Balls, straw hats, umbrellas, do-dads, and absolutely nothing from Mood. The designers destroy the delicate ecosystem with their grabbing and gathering, and Oscar splits his pants in the process. Back to the workroom to try and make sense of the challenge.

Ugh, more knitting from Natalia. It looks like crap at the moment and Tim is making worried face. There’s a lot of grass mats as fabric happening, including a very boxy jacket from Sam. Mondo thinks he’s getting a bit lazy and encourages Sam to blow the whole thing up and start over. When he does, a stunning pleated skirt emerges with a bonus pineapple purse.

Stephanie’s got a crafts project happening with fake flowers. It could look great, or really, really bad. Oscar has some issues. “Oscar has two outfits, and none of them are cute.” Tim calls it “underwhelming,” and it takes the wind out of Oscars little sails.

The best thing ever is Nick’s inspiration speech to Oscar:

Whatever I see on the form, I like. I’m here as your coach, and it’s like the ninth inning or whatever they call it, in football or soccer? You can hit a goal. And they’ll be like, gooooaaal!

The next day, a quiet panic sweeps the workroom as time ticks away. Sam starts blah blah blahing about how everyone always says his garments are sloppy, and Natalia is nowhere near finished with her knit garment which is all kind of ugly, and then the glue gun comes out. Desperation! Oscar somehow banged out a fairly decent garment, and even Stephanie’s sloppy beach ball dress is kind of okay.

To the runway! The judges this week are Jen Rade, Rachel Roy, and Georgina Chapman and whatever stinkwater she’s hawking.

Nick’s Team


Natalia’s knit dress is disproportionately short. Oscar’s grass fan dress is adorable and almost even wearable. Stephanie’s plastic skirt and vest is okay, but it’s just not crisp enough.

Anya’s Team

Under the Gunn shan

Shan’s shorts and shirt are very adorable, and I can’t even tell that they were made out of weird stuff. Blake’s grass skirt and vest is pretty but predictable.

Mondo’s Team


Sam’s grass skirt and halter top is amazing. Asha’s frilly grass skirt and textile top is smart and clever. Michelle’s beach ball dress is an abomination.

Shan and Blake are safe, so Anya’s team remains intact. The rest are the best and worst. Of course the judges adore Oscar’s raffia fan dress. “It’s clean, it’s strong, it’s modern.” Asha’s dress also impresses the judges, though I’m seeing a lot of sloppiness in the close-up. Natalie’s up next, and the judges are waaaaay too kind. “I do think it isn’t the most successful? However….” No, there should be no “however,” it’s just ugly. Michelle’s modern mishmash is called “cheap” and “tacky,” and “it just missed the mark on the taste level.” Stephanie’s garment is called “a little projecty” and “crafty.” Sam gets a “wow,” and “what a wonderfully balanced outfit.”

Natalia and Oscar are safe, so it’s between Stephanie and Michelle for elimination. Michelle is safe, and Stephanie is eliminated for her hodgepodge slopfest outfit. That leaves Nick with Oscar and Natalia, two very hit-or-miss designers. The judges can’t decide who wins, so they leave it up to Mondo. He picks Sam for his incredible mid-challenge rework.

Next week, day-to-evening transformations and Natalia cries again

photos via lifetime