Last week on Under the Gunn, the designers create a performance outfit for Sandaya, Kooky Cuckoo tells Nick to shut up, and Tim finally gives Isabelle the heave-ho. This week, the remaining designers bitch about the way that Nick tossed Isabelle under the hackneyed reality television bus. Papa Gunn expresses this to Nick in the politest way possible, and he urges Nick to rebuild trust with his team.


The designers meet Tim at the Getty Villa which is smattered with costumes and their creator, Wendy Partridge. The costumes are from a movie about Pompeii which looks like Game Of Thrones meets Lord Of The Rings meets Sharknado. Each mentor group will be working together as a team to create a cohesive three-look collection inspired by the costumes and the surroundings.

Nick’s team is not excelling at the team component of the challenge, so this should be fun. Mondo’s team has a lot of leather and silk, and they are dying fabric a deep, deep red. Nick’s team is a mess, with Oscar refusing to add even a drop of blue to his look, and is she knitting a sweater? Oy vey.


Mondo worries that the print his team is working on is too “arts and craftsy.” Anya’s team has commonality in pleats, and in a pattern picked up from the Getty Villa environment. Meanwhile, Nick’s team is bickering in the background. Oscar has a pantsuit with a cape, then there’s a “drapey jumpsuit” and a knit dress. None of it makes any sense. Tim encourages them to “work the mess out” amongst themselves. They sort of rally, at least enough to maybe have a theme to the three looks, but it still ain’t good.

With two hours left, it’s hair and makeup and accessories and sewing and scrambling and ironing and lots and lots of teamwork amongst Nick’s designers. It’s kind of weird, but sort of nice. I mean they’re still going to lose, but at least nobody’s going to die in the process. But wait—Anya’s team, their designs look like craptastic crafts fair. So…who knows?


The judges are Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy, and Wendy Partridge. To the runway!

Anya’s Team

Nicholas’s ivory with black…sort of diamonds? Is very sloppy. Blake’s black shorts dress thing is so very ordinary. Shan’s white dress is sort of nice, with the diamond diagonal shapes carrying through in a subtle way. But my goodness is this sloppy

Nick’s Team

Stephanie’s resort wear skort floral blue splotch mess is nothing anyone would ever wear, especially with that cape. Natalia’s flowing maxi dress is kind of nice, and the shoulders are interesting. Oscar’s white pants suit is going to be a hit with the 50-year-olds on St. Barth’s. Overall, why capes? Nobody wants a cape, not even superheroes.

Mondo’s Team

Sam’s bloody skirt and leather crop top is gorgeous, then Asha kicks it up twelve notches with her blood red braided leather dress. Michelle’s with warrior gown is boring, though the pattern along the bottom is badass.


Team Nick is the winning team? Huh? Huh. Anya’s team is on the bottom, because their craftsmanship was just awful. Nicholas’s ivory and black tunic looks like a child “took safety scissors and cut these pieces.” Shan’s dress is passable, and the other one, meh.

Oscar is the winner of the challenge for rallying his team. Shan and Nicholas are up for elimination. The judges decided that they wanted to see more from…both of you. Nobody’s eliminated! Participation prizes for everybody! Ugh. Blah.

Next week, steampunk-inspired avante garde. It’s almost as if the episode was filmed five years ago.