Now that Natalia is no longer with us (in the television sense), Nick only has one designer left on his team. So I guess he’s pinning his hopes on Oscar? Pinning? Sewing? Get it? Ugh.

Oh hi, burlesque dancers. What are you doing on the runway? Naturally, it’s a product placement for cosmetics that makes your nipples rosy. I’m sort of not kidding. And it’s a real-sized model challenge, though these ladies are hardly more than size eights.  The models are the clients, and the designers are going to spice up their looks on this week’s Under the Gunn.

Blake’s client lacks curves, so Blake is going to make her look girly. Oscar’s client is a tiny little pageant girl and she wants a gown. Sam’s client wants tight clothing. Shan is making something unexpected for his client, which may include a crop top. Asha is giving her client “a Beyoncé moment.”


Sam is painting his fabric, but right now it looks like a bloody mess and it very closely resembles a nurse’s uniform. Tim Gunn says that he has “never been so disappointed” in Sam’s work, and recommends tossing the entire look. Tim and Mondo then reign in Asha who is making a blinged out skankfest which is exactly what her client wants, but not at all what her client needs. Six hours into the competition, Oscar’s already done with his gown. Shan has a beautiful sequined top and needs to figure out the pants. Blake’s inexperience is showing as he works fabrics in a way that fabrics are not meant to be worked.

Oh, what? Shan’s client had an allergic reaction to his top after her fitting. Hives! Lightheaded! What kind of sequins are they? So Anya gives Shan a quote from Nelson Mandela and they hug it out before he starts in on a totally different design. He ends up stitching up a giant polka dotted dress that, well, I don’t know. That sequined top was really pretty.


It’s runway time! The judges this week are Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy, and guest judge Annie Ford Danielson from Benefit Cosmetics.

Asha’s gold dress is not my favorite thing, but the client loves it even though it’s bunching everywhere it shouldn’t. Sam’s dress is a total snore, but his client looks fantastic. Oscar’s green gown is pretty, but it looks so three years ago with the asymmetrical strap and high slit. Blake’s dress is confusing, and it looks like rags taped together. Shan’s eleventh hour dress is okay, but it does look like it was constructed in two hours.


Sam is first for his critique. Jen calls it “boardroom to boring,” and Zanna has seen it a hundred times before. Asha’s gold party dress is a good design that is poorly constructed, so she’s probably safe. Blake’s messy wrap dress is an overwhelming print is off-putting for the judges. Next up is Shan’s insta-dress. The judges like that it’s a “quick fix,” so they forgive some of the mistakes. Oscar’s pageant gown ages his client, and the judges don’t get Oscar’s point of view from the design.

Sam and Blake are up for elimination. Blake is eliminated for his slopfest frock. Anya utters some form of her own special wisdom and shuffles him off of the runway. Somehow, Shan is the winner for putting his client in a totally unflattering pattern.

Next week, Marvel Comics!

photos via Lifetime