After Natalia had an unexpected win that did not sit well with the mentors or the contestants, the atmosphere is awkward on Under the Gunn.

For the next challenge, the contestants will work in pairs to create a three-look mini-collection that embraces the Francesca’s customer. She’s fun, youthful, confident, has anyone ever heard of Francesca’s? Nope. Anyway, the pairs are:

  • Oscar and Shan
  • Natalia and Asha (and as Asha says, f*#$ this challenge)
  • Blake and Sam


Asha and Natalia aren’t doing very well at Mood, with Natalia insisting they buy fabrics not in their color palette or their budget. Tim Gunn is annoyed, and Natalia is annoyed because she didn’t get everything she wants for her dress and harem pants. Then there’s a mini-meltdown over color swatches, and I’m not sure if I feel badly for Asha or Natalia because they are both being awful.

Is Blake working with tie-dye? Shudder. And Shan and Oscar are working with overalls? In precious prints? Yikes. They really haven’t figured out what women want to wear. Mondo equates Blake and Sam’s dress with his mother’s housecoats, which is worrisome. He encourages the designers to do something unexpected, but not in the “nobody expects a housecoat to walk down the runway” kind of way.


And then, Natalia and Asha. It’s clear that they’re not working together. “This is Natalia’s dress, not mine.” Uh oh. Natalia brings out a bag of excuses with the fabrics, and Mondo shuts her down real fast. The women agree not to be mopey and pull their act together. There’s also tension between Sam and Shan because Sam looked at Shan’s dress and said, “Doesn’t that look like a dress every girl already has?” Eh. You could say that about half of the clothes on this show, really. At the very last moment, Natalia starts hacking away at the back of some sort of…caftan? It’s ugly anyhow, but whatever she’s doing to it is bordering on fugly.

Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy, and guest judge Sei Jin Alt from Francesca’s.

Oscar’s overalls are ugly, and would look good on absolutely no one. Shan’s blue blazer is a tad slutty, as much as a blazer can be slutty. The halter maxi dress is pretty enough, but yeah. We’ve seen this before.


Natalia’s peach dress is poorly constructed, but the straps are cute. That caftan, dashiki, whatever you want to call it, Nick says it looks like “some girl got lost at Burning Man taking too many hits of acid.” Their maxi skirt is maybe cute, but the top is confusingly pouffy.

Blake’s tie-dye tank top and eyelet shorts are okay, with a nice burst of red in the back. The palazzo pants are kind of nice, with a clever little tank top. The asymmetrical top and skirt is also kind of fun. I like the outfits overall, even though I’m not sold on that fabric.


The judges are all over Blake and Sam’s collection, and for some reason they love the print. Huh. Okay. The judges also adore Shan and Oscar’s collection. I think maybe I’m not understanding the customer because everyone’s all over the overall shorts and cut-out blazer contraption, and don’t even get me started on the color palette. And now, Asha and Natalia. There is nothing good about their collection. Discombobulated, uncomfortable, the bus backs up and rolls right up to Natalia and she just chucks herself right under the wheels…a weeping martyr on the runway.

Well, Natalia is going home. Finally. The winning piece is Oscar’s maxi dress, and also Shan’s bright blue jacket. So they both win. Winners!

Next week, regular shaped humans confound the designers.

photos via lifetime