On this week’s Downton Abbey, Ivy gets a letter, gasps with glee, and runs out of the kitchen. Alfred wants to marry her. I guess it was just that easy back in the day. But she doesn’t want to marry him.

Lord Gillingham is stopping by the Abbey, again. Anna tells Mary about his Valet, Mr. Greene. She promises not to tell anyone because Bates will kill him if he figures it all out, which is likely.

Mrs. Crawley encourages Tom to keep up with politics. He does sort of seem directionless, so maybe that’d help? But when he visits a bookstore in a nearby town, he sees Rose dining with her Jazz singer, Jack. He tells Mary what he saw and leaves her to deal with it however she pleases.

Edith tells her Aunt Rosamund that she found a tenant farmer who can be trusted to…raise the baby? Her aunt says that is reckless and instead suggests they go on a trip to elsewhere and leave the baby with a childless couple. She tells Mary that she would like to take Edith to Switzerland for a few months, to learn French without the annoyance of having the French around.

Rose has made a date with her jazz singer, Jack. But Mary has some words for her, and they are not exactly “I’m so happy for you.” But Rose loves him, and won’t listen to “imperialist nonsense.” She’s going to marry Jack and won’t keep it a secret any longer. Rose is engaged! Maybe!?

Speaking of engagements, Mr. Gillingham is calling off his engagement. He wants to marry Mary instead. But Mary isn’t “on the market.” Oh stop being such a walking stick of misery, Mary!

The Dowager Countess calls for Rosamund and Edith. She smells a rat. “Retreating to the continent for several months” is highly suspect. She pretty much knows what’s up, but wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Once the truth comes out, the Countess cheerfully offers to pay for everything.

Mary is off to London with Anna. Speaking of road trips, Tom rescues a lovely young lady whose car broke down. They met earlier at a political rally, so they are a perfect match. Ah, turns out Mary’s trip to London is Rose-related. She visits Jack at the Lotus Club. She’s not opposed to the marriage, but wants Jack to understand what this involves. But the visit is for naught because Jack will not be marrying Rose…to spare her the trouble? Oh, that’s weak.

Dowton Abbey episode 7

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Back at Aunt Rosamund’s house, Mary tells Anna that she is going to visit Lord Gillingham and tell him that he needs to dismiss his Valet. Over lunch, she tells Mr. Gillingham that his Valet has done something that he would find abhorrent and he agrees to sack him immediately. Oh, and Mr. Gillingham did in fact call off his engagement and will not give up on Mary, ever. She finds it “both irritating and beguiling, in equal measure.” How romantic.

There’s a bazaar happening at Downton, and it sounds like an awful amount of work for the staff. “More sandwiches, and more beer!” His Lordship is back from America unexpectedly, right in the middle of the bazaar. As if the staff wasn’t stretched thin enough.

Alfred read Ivy’s “thanks but no thanks” letter before he got there, so they part as friends. He then asks to see Daisy so that they can part as friends, too. She’s wearing the saddest looking hat. But hat or no hat, with Ivy out of the way, Alfred gets starry-eyed for Daisy. It’s just a little too late, so she sends him on his way, “friends forevah.”

Um, Greene is dead. Slipped, stumbled, fell into the road…and guess who was in York that day? Mr. Bates. How curious. It was crowded, so lots of people saw it, which means at least Bates was smart enough to hire someone to do the dirty work.

With the bazaar over, the staff cleans up and Mr. Gillingham takes a stroll with Mary. “I’m flattered, Charles, and even moved, but….” Take the hint, Charles. Also, she’s so not worth the hassle. Everyone applauds Cora for putting on such a wonderful bazaar. Cheers to you, Lady Grantham!

What do you think will happen next week?