Modern woman are busy women, and masters at multi-tasking. Staying fresh throughout a busy schedule needs to be something that doesn’t break your stride. Here are a few quick beauty tips to make this an easy task.

Finding the perfect make-up can be a trial and error exercise. But once the hurdles have been jumped, the products that fit your skin can last a lifetime. There are several items that all traveling make-up bags should contain.

• Carry smaller versions of the make-up you use daily. Most products provide this smaller option. For the ones that do, stock up. The bare minimums include mascara, concealer, and something for the lips.

• To keep lips looking luscious throughout the day, carry that favorite color and a small lip gloss. Opt for the gloss whenever the color starts to fade. This will create a different hue to your signature shade. However, go ahead and add a fresh coat of lip stick when you are ready.

• Foundation products that cut the shine are must-haves. Look for ones made of powder of the word “mattifier” on them. They will help you stay shine-free all day. However, sometimes when extra help is needed any form of oil blotting paper does the trick. It only takes a quick pat to get rid of the unwanted shine.

• A compact mirror is also necessary for your on-the-go tricks. There may not be one around when you need it.

quick beauty tips

Eyes with puffy circles under them can be a nightmare to combat. However, try using a gel mask before bed and once in the morning before your make-up routine. Another great trick is putting the gel mask in the freezer between uses. This provides a double whammy for both issues. In addition, find an allergy tested eye serum product that can de-puff eyes which can get the job done. Finally, a restful sleep works wonders for these conditions as well as sleeping on your back.


Yellowing and discolored teeth can be hard to get around, especially when you eat throughout the day. Brush two times every day, and use a whitener like strips or baking soda at night. According to Guerra Dental, hydrogen peroxide can also help whiten teeth, but can make them more sensitive so only use this method sparingly and make sure you never swallow it. For best results try mixing your toothpaste in with it. You might also consider getting a teeth whitening in Colorado Springs once a year. This way you have less in your daily routine, but can keep them white for longer.

During the day, our hair has a way of doing its own thing. To tame the beast, keep a couple of versatile hair accessories on hand, such as a hair clip or pin. Both items come jeweled, which adds a splash to your entire outfit. While ponytails make for a Houdini act, consider the new hair glove. They do the work for you, without the fuss. They come in a variety of textures including lace and leather. Of course, a quick and thorough brushing will also give the hair a healthy glow and orderly appearance.

Quick tips are just that, quick. But never be afraid to re-invent them to fit a changing busy schedule. Once a routine has been created, perfect it and shave even more time off while keeping things beautiful all day and night.

Do you have any quick beauty tips?