If you haven’t heard of Priscilla the Pig, you’re missing out. Priscilla is a very well dressed mini piggy who lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Priscilla, also known as Prissy, is photographed nearly every day wearing some stylish clothes. You can see all of her amazing outfits on her Instagram account. So far, we’ve seen Prissy wear sundresses, tutus and even a little bikini. We should also mention that she knows how to accessorize pretty well. Her bows, pearls and other accessories are always on point, no matter the occasion.

Priscilla also has a brother named Poppleton, who dresses equally as amazing as his sister.  Poppleton likes to wear polo shirts, baseball caps and occasionally, a sailor’s outfit.

Solo, they each are just too much to handle, but when they are together in photos wearing pajamas, well, we just about loose our minds. We should also mention that they go to first grade every day with their mom Melissa Nicholson, who is a teacher.  “The outfits started with Priscilla’s bows,” she told ABC News. “Then it got fancier during the holidays with the costumes, and then it just grew from there.”

And we seriously could not be happier!

Scroll through the photos below to see more from Priscilla and Poppleton. And be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook account — it’ll definitely make you happy!

How much do you love Priscilla the Pig and her brother Poppleton?