And now for the most cringe-worthy thing you’ll see all day…

Online Retailer Herry He’s Store is selling plus-size leggings on in the most horrendous way possible. Instead of using a plus-size model to showcase how the leggings would look when on, someone decided it would be okay just to use a thinner model who squeezed herself into one pant leg.


plus size leggings

But what’s even more strange is that they did in fact have a plus-size model on hand because there is a photo of another woman wearing the leggings, which basically just leaves us with “WTF…”

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.48.54 AM

This post was originally found on Reddit, and let us tell you, some comments are just as ridiculous as the advertisement. Some people are saying that there aren’t many models in Asia that are plus-size. But that just brings us back to the back to the point that there is another photo of a woman properly wearing the pants… so, we’re going to go with one Redditor’s thoughts: “It’s probably more like they didn’t want to hire someone that size. If they make them that size they should hire a model that size.”

Yep, it’s pretty much that simple… but again, there’s the other photo!! We have so many questions…

You can head over to Reddit to read more, and check out the leggings on

What do you think of this ad for plus-size leggings?