In today’s economic environment, spending money on the “it” bag may come across as indulgent. This is all the more reason why investing in one classic bag is a smart decision over purchasing several cheaper yet mediocre bags over time.

First impressions count, and your bag is the most important part of this. Carrying the right accessories shows those around you that you are serious about your style.  A bag can be more important to an outfit than any other investment piece and therefore requires some thoughtful consideration. Unless you can afford to buy a new bag every season, you want one that will withstand the passing of trends and continue to look strong for years to come.

The more well-known the designer is, the more expensive the bag will be and the more it could be considered as an investment piece. Although buying solely for a brand name can be seen as tacky, with handbags, you get what you pay for. These luxury brands put the most time, care and craftsmanship into their products and it shows.

To get the most for your money the focus should be on a bag that will last more than a lifetime and some ultra-trendy bags will have a shorter lifespan than the more classic designs because the elaborate can be at risk for going out of fashion. When investing in bags, think “classy” not “tacky”. Say no to neon colors that will become irrelevant quickly. Instead look for a neutral color palette that will match with most of your wardrobe across seasons. It’s no surprise that black, brown and neutral toned handbags are timeless.

Designer label or not, a bag should serve its purpose. It should still be able to carry your daily bits and pieces however high the price tag or else it really isn’t functional and cannot earn its high price. And most importantly you must really, really love it.


If you are not yet ready to commit to an investment piece then how about avoiding the overly mass production ‘cheap’ bags which will one day fill up our landfill sites by supporting someone green and purchasing a bag with a conscience.  The Sway – An Australian label with outlets in the US has a line of reclaimed leather bags. Each piece in the collection is crafted from high quality excess and reclaimed leather from a motorcycle accessories factory in Pakistan. Linings are made from recycled cotton  – manufactured in a factory that is certified in reducing carbon omissions.

Textural designs from the leather give character to rectangular clutches and shoulder bags with functional pockets and pouches and prices range from $130-$450.

More of what’s hot right now…The important question is; are you a ‘hobo’ sort of gal over a nice ‘bucket’ or more of a ‘doctor’s bag’ ?

1.Steven Alan $68 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs $468 3. The Sway $185 4. Alexander Wang $825 5. Madewell $235  6. Aand $205 – $475 7. Anthropologie $398 8. Alexander Mcqueen $1325 9. The Sway $285 10. Neely by Mulberry 11. Helmut Lang $295 12. 3.1 Phillip Lim $725 13. Mandy Coon $320 14. Anthropologie $228 15. Alexander Mcqueen $1395 16. Oversized Alexa by Mulberry $1750