Photoshopping is becoming more and more popular in the fashion and beauty industry, which makes it almost impossible to see an image that hasn’t been altered in some way, shape or form. Typically, we notice the really bad photoshopping jobs like when models are missing parts of their body. Hence the phrase “photoshop fail.” And while many find “photoshop fails” humorous, it’s definitely a part of a bigger problem in the fashion world, and Australian model Meaghan Kausman is speaking out.

According to Today Australia, Kausman had a photo shoot with swimwear line Fella Swim. She had done the underwater shoot with photographer Pip Summerville. After reviewing the photos with Summerville at the end, Kausman was pleased. However, once she saw the edited photo, she was completely baffled. “This morning I was extremely shocked to see that Fella Swim had uploaded a photoshopped version of Pip’s original photo to their Instagram page. They had drastically altered my body, thinning out my stomach and thighs in an attempt to box me in to the cultural ideal of beauty. My body is a size 8, not a size 4. That’s my body! I refuse to stand by and allow ANY company or person to perpetuate the belief that ‘thinner is better’. All women are beautiful, and we come in different shapes and sizes! This industry is crazy!!!! It is NOT OKAY to alter a woman’s body to make it look thinner. EVER!” Kausman wrote on Instagram with a photo that showed the original and altered photo together.

The swimwear company has reportedly issued an apology, also on Instagram, saying: “Meaghan is actually incredibly beautiful and we love the original image by @seagypsea_photography. We meant no disrespect for photoshopping the image and apologize that it has offended some people here.” However, the image has been removed.

Kausman took to TODAY Australia with Summerville and her father to discuss the issue further. Watch the video below, and join us as we praise Kausman for speaking up, when many models do not.