SMH, Ann Taylor LOFT.

Why must you keep giving us these photoshop fails that make us completely forget how affordable and awesome you can really be? In the latest Ann Taylor LOFT photoshop disaster, someone took a chunk out of a model’s waist, who just so happened to be modeling a bikini. She obviously once had a full stomach, but once the editors got a hold of her, it was off with her rib cage.  And with her hand in the position that it’s in, it looks like she might be pulling her hips out in some weird Stretch Arm Strong maneuver.


photoshop fail Image via Ann Taylor Loft

Photoshopping images has obviously become a huge deal, especially in the fashion world. However, we really think that this particular photo is just ridiculous. They failed horribly at making the model look good in their clothing, which we’re sure was their main objective. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a horrendous sight. Back in March, Target photoshopped a model, who was also wearing a bikini, and gave her incredibly long arms and removed her erm, lady parts.

Ellen DeGeneres made fun of how ridiculous it was and we’re kind of hoping she calls Ann Taylor out on this one, too. Head over to Jezebel, who first reported this, to read what they have to say about it.

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