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Whether you’re a Gossip Girl fan or not, you have to love Blake Lively for her sense of style.

Being seen front row from Chanel to Vuitton, it seems like we’re not the only ones. What’s more impressive? Lively, 25, and wife to hubby Ryan Reynolds, actually styles herself. In a world where actresses are known to have stylists, aiding them in always looking impossibly impeccable at outings, Lively has set it upon herself to actually dress herself. I know, right? Foreign concept to many actresses but surprisingly has worked well for her in becoming a style icon to keep track of.

What Blake says of it? “I trust myself enough to dress myself.” We think it’s great she has that mentality towards it. Fashion is supposed to be fun, anyways, right? Why have someone take all the fun out of it anyways?

In this month’s Lucky, the actress discusses that and so much more about fashion in particular, specifically what her fashion philosophies are. Known for pairing high end with low end or “fast fashion”, Lively is not afraid to break a rule or two in the process. She breaks the rules and makes them her own, showing her wide range of fans and audiences that you don’t need to shell out the big bucks every single time you go shopping to be known as the girl with “style”. You just have to enjoy the process and wear what makes you feel good.

The actress also discusses the evolution of style especially when it comes to age. Even though it feels like we have followed Blake from her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants days up until her Gossip Girl and big screen blockbuster days now, she reiterates that she does not dress the way she did when she was younger and that’s a good thing. If you’re 25 why would you be wearing clothes from when you were 18? Embrace your age, dress appropriately while pushing limits, but understand the process of maturing.

We think she’s a great celebrity icon to follow. With such great tips and fashion sense who wouldn’t want to see what this girl is up to?

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