Known as “a dialogue for the everyday woman,” Zooey Magazine began with a clear goal in mind: to empower women through entertainment. Since Editor-in-Chief Lucia Tran founded it in 2010, the magazine has done just that.

They have stood against the social standards placed on women by the media, working to diffuse the unrealistic expectations of how women should be and how they should appear. Why the name? It came from the character Zooey in J.D. Salinger’s novel “Franny and Zooey.” The magazine says that the character’s intelligence and sophistication inspired their vision to create a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere for 20-somethings who enjoy meaningful and beautiful art.

Zooey Magazine has grown into a thriving publication that discusses subjects of female entrepreneurship, entertainment, and living simply and beautifully. With its success, it has collaborated with many women that are popular in today’s culture.

Their most recent collaboration is with actress Kat Dennings. The 27-year-old beauty is photographed in a number of vintage-inspired outfits, from long, polka dotted dresses to a fur-lined shawl worn over a fitted black dress. Kat has exposed her laugh-out-loud humor in the movieĀ The House Bunny and the CBS television seriesĀ 2 Broke Girls. For her feature in Zooey Magazine, we see a different side of her. It’s a softer, more feminine side, but we have to say, we love both equally!

The photo shoot puts a hold on Kat’s hilariously honest attitude that we see on our Twitter feeds, and instead, highlights her striking beauty. Unlike many of the other magazines that female celebrities are featured in, the beauty is wholly representative of her own — it’s more like a look inside the real Kat Dennings, without the confines of the media’s standards.

Zooey Magazine says, “[We don’t] ever want to serve as a guideline as to how one should live, but rather as an inspiration to brighten paths, days, and to shed light on the power in all women.”

I think we can all agree that with a mission like that, it’s hard not to love this magazine. And maybe a little because they’re featuring Kat Dennings.

kat dennings zooey magazine reflection

kat dennings zooey magazine black coat

kat dennings zooey magazine

kat dennings mint and black dress

kat dennings zooey magazine leather

kat dennings zooey magazine purple print

kat dennings polka dot dress

kat dennings for zooey fur shawl

kat dennings for zooey polka dot

Photos via GotCeleb

What do you think of the photo shoot with Kat Dennings?