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Just last month, Marc Jacobs revealed one of its first spring 2014 ads featuring none other than Miley Cyrus, prompting most to assume that the tongue-flailing pop singer would be the face of its new beauty line as well. But all that changed when the fashion house posted a rather gorgeous photo of 64-year-old actress Jessica Lange on their Instagram, captioning it: “Announcing the new face of @MarcBeauty, Jessica Lange!” Within minutes, the Internet was sent into a frenzy.

Although the campaign is still being kept under wraps (another photo of Lange posted on Marc Jacobs’ Tumblr has since been deleted), we do know that it was shot by David Sims, who stepped up to shoot the brand’s spring 2014 campaign after Juergen Teller refused to shoot Cyrus. And the decision to cast Lange in the campaign isn’t as out-of-left-field as it might seem, considering she lent her signature voice to Marc Jacobs’ fall 2014 runway show.

In fact, there seems to be a growing trend of campaigns featuring models that are just a wee bit older than, say, 17. American Apparel’s newest lingerie model is 62-year-old actress Jacky O’Shaughnessy and the Olsen twins tapped 65-year-old former model and Rodin skincare creator Linda Rodin for The Row’s 2014 Pre-Fall lookbook.

But while all of these women look fabulous, we can’t help but feel Lange takes the cake. This past year the actress stunned in her role on American Horror Story: Coven, wearing form-fitting black dresses and stilettos in almost every episode. The small, close-up campaign photo shows off Lange’s flawless skin with a subtle smoky eye, peachy-red lips and eyebrows that even Cara Delivingne would be jealous of. Honestly, Lange has never looked better, and it gives that whole “aging gracefully” notion a whole new meaning. We don’t know about you, but we can wait to rip the full-sized photo out of a magazine and hang it on our inspiration board.


Photo via Marc Jacobs’ Instagram


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