One in five Americans suffers from a mental health illness, whether it be post-traumatic stress, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or a number of other issues. Unfortunately due to lack of means or fear of stigmatization, many do not seek or receive the help they need to live a better and healthier life. That’s why when we heard about philosophy’s incredible initiative to support mental health and well-being, we had to share it with our readers.

With the hope and grace program, which started July of 2014, the brand donates 1% of all sales on to the hope and grace fund. The hope and grace fund will award multiple grants to community-based mental health organization for women. By 2015 the brand hopes to include sales from retail and television. Philosophy has posted a few statics on its website to inform people how significant the impact of mental illness is on everyone, particularly women:

  1. depression: about 1 in 8 women can expect to develop clinical depression during their lifetime. yet fewer than 50% of the women who experience clinical depression will ever seek care, largely due to stigma associated with the disease.
  2. anxiety: 22% of u.s. women report feeling worried, nervous or anxious on a daily or weekly basis. women are 60% more likely than men to get an anxiety disorder over their lifetime.
  3. ptsd: 10% of women suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder at some point in their lives. 2 – 3 times the rate of men.
  4. maternal mental health: depression is the #1 most common complication of childbirth. 1 in 7 pregnant & new moms will have a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder.

philosophy hope and grace

It’s important to note that no item on the website is excluded from the initiative, so the next time you’re out shopping, be mindful of the impact your purchase can make on a person in need. If you would like to apply for a community-based grant, simply head over to

What do you think of philosophy’s mission?

Michelle Manetti is a graduate of Pace University and has a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration of Media Studies. She met Marc Jacobs in an elevator once. She also believes that yoga, Liquiteria and a Hunter Thompson book could save the world.