To the joy of many a bold-printer wearer, Target will soon be stocking its stores with Peter Pilotto apparel and accessories. Come February 9, ensembles that normally peak over $1,000 will be offered at just a fraction of the price, and the British designer couldn’t be more pleased about it.

“By working with Target, we’re able to broaden our reach and bring our design aesthetic to an entirely new audience,” Pilotto says in a statement. Co-designer Christopher De Vos adds, “This is a pivotal moment for our brand. Our collection for Target embodies the elegance and spirit of our own line but makes it accessible to everyone.”

And they’re not just talking about everyone in the U.S. Because will be offering the looks online, too, people from all over will be able to steal some of these boldly printed dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, swim suits, and even accessories like clutches, totes, and sunglasses.

Perfect for the statement-maker, these looks are bound to sell out at the drop of a hat. Check out some of the looks you can expect to see below.

peter-pilotto-targetDress in red floral/stripe print, $39.99

Slip-on shoe in black/white print, $29.99

peter-pilotto-targetBelted Dress in Red Floral Print, $44.99

peter-pilotto-targetRash Guard in Black/White Print, $29.99

Skirt in Black/White Print, $34.99

Slip-On Shoe in Black/White Print, $29.99

peter-pilotto-targetSweatshirt in Light Blue Floral/Check Print, $29.99

Pant in Black/Check Print, $34.99

Slip-On Shoe in Black/White Print, $29.99

peter-pilotto-targetRomper in Red Iris Print, $49.99

Sunglasses in Red Iris Print, $16.99

Slip-On Shoe in Black/White Print, $29.99

What bold look would you wear?

Photos via Fashionista