We all see and experience it. Fashion photography comes at us each and every day, in the form of magazine ads, internet ads, commercials and more. It’s inevitable that the media will portray fashion in this glamorous light – the sleek, shiny images that we see are just one take on the life of a fashion photograph. What happens when people try to pursue the same topic but in a different manner? Does it succeed? Does it fail? Well, Peter Lindbergh’s latest series has tested the waters of portraying fashion photography as a more provocative art – and he’s more than successful.

Peter Lindbergh's Twist on Fashion Photography

German photographer Peter Lindbergh is pushing the boundaries. He has a very distinct style – just check out his iconic images he shot for Vogue. They push the limits and definitely are not the typical glossy, fresh-faced images you see in commercial ads. However, they’re a high profile depiction of some of the world’s most beautiful individuals: “His deeply saturated black and white photographs intentionally play up the traditional archetypes of women yet he brings out a strength within their beauty,” said My Modern Met

The Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles just recently opened a new exhibition that showcases Peter Lindbergh’s provocative photography. His photographs are unlike anything we’ve ever seen, defying all laws of gravity within the fashion realm. They are dark and mysterious, highly unlike the peppy and upbeat images we see plastering the commercials on television and ads in magazines. Instead of the images plagued with overdone make up, Lindbergh’s photographs are a little more drastic. Drawing inspiration from cinematic greats like Fellini and other early German filmmakers, in addition to photographers such as Andrew Kertesz, Marc Riboud, and Paul Strand, his approach to photography was a change: “It was a change from rather formal women, quite perfectly styled and concerned about social integration and judgment, to more outspoken and adventurous women who controlled their own lives and were emancipated from masculine protection and social rules,” he said. Peter Lindbergh, we appreciate your unique approach to fashion photography and hope that photographers alike will take inspiration from your work.

Peter Lindbergh's Twist on Fashion PhotographyPeter Lindbergh's Twist on Fashion PhotographyPeter Lindbergh's Twist on Fashion Photography

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