We love a good makeup transformation. For a while there, we were afraid that the whole #makeuptransformation hashtag on Instagram was dying out. That was until we came across the King of contouring.

Meet TV host Paolo Ballesteros, who has some serious makeup skills. Ballesteros has used highlighters, lipsticks, eyeliners and wigs to look like famous celebrities. Now this isn’t your “oh, that’s so funny cause it’s not even close” kinda deal. Ballesteros’ images are incredible. You’ll definitely have to do a double take, particularly with the ones where he changes his looks to resemble Ariana Grande, Princess Diana and Taylor Swift.

Ballesteros has over 342,849 followers on Instagram, so you know his work is good. And how can you not want to follow him? Nearly every day he transforms into someone new. Whether it’s Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore or Miley Cyrus — Ballesteros is uncanny. But even though he has awesome skills, no matter which celebrity he is impersonating, he does have a favorite. “Angelina is very easy to do. I put big lips and I look like her already,” he told Pep. “But my favorite is Mariah Carey. I find it funny, with the character I do on Eat Bulaga. With Angelina, she is beautiful, but Mariah performs. I do something that I just kind of whistle. So that is why she is my favorite.”

Scroll through some of his incredible photos below, and be sure to check out his Instagram ASAP!

What do you think of Paolo Ballesteros’ work?