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Precious stones, metals, minerals, and jewels can be a hassle to work with. First of all, they’re as stubborn as rocks. Second, it takes time to fashion them into something beautiful. However, we leave it to Tara Klingenstein of Ouroboros to take on the challenge at hand. As a matter of fact, Ms. Klingenstein’s jewelry business started out as a hobby, which makes her living proof that working with these materials is very much worthwhile. Ouroboros offers a vast variety of jewelry that is genuinely one of a kind. From necklaces, rings and bracelets, each Ouroboros piece is embedded with whimsical flair and playful vision.

The name Ouroboros came from the symbol of a snake eating its own tail, signifying renewal and change. This image encapsulates the very essence of Ouroboros because Ms. Klingenstein’s aesthetic continues to evolve and move forward. Who would have thought that jade-colored pebbles, when linked together, would constitute as an organic rendition of a chunky necklace? Or that a crystallized mineral in a bed of metal would look dashing as cocktail ring?

Tina Majorino from Napoleon Dynamite wearing Ouroboros “Wish Stick” Necklace.

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Article by: Jacque Saladino 

Personal Site: www.somethingcreativeLA.com