You know what’s one of the worst things about the Oscars, even beyond the interminable length and trite, faux-verly stunned speeches? The red carpet! Ever since what we assume was a coup in which E! ruthlessly eliminated all competition, we’ve been spoon-fed Giuliana Rancic and people who look vaguely like her making inane comments and forcing faux-casual banter with celebrities (“OMG! You hit your head? In your limo? CRAY!”)

Which is why we are almost embarrassingly grateful for raw footage like this video, blissfully absent of high-pitched reporter overdubs in which every sentence ends in a question mark.

Take a moment to bask in the majesty of Jennifer Lawrence’s pale, pale pink Christian Dior Couture gown, which must have weighed as much as she does. Of course girlfriend tripped! But the dress (and Chopard jewels) was so worth it, we imagine.

Is it just us, or does glorious Mountain Man Clooney (love you, G!) sound like he’s talking about a highly strung prom queen when the topic of Argo comes up? “It’s Ben’s night.”

Admire the stunned porcelain doll on the arm of Quentin Tarantino! Bask in the total absence of Seacrest! Marvel at just how aggressive paparazzi really are on the red carpet! Tell us what you think in the comments!

Featured image via: Business Insider.