Olivia Palermo is one of the most famous and stylish fashion girls ever. Every time she steps on a red carpet, is seen at a fashion show or is with her husband for a weekend getaway, her outfits are always on point. So on point in fact, that she has made a living off of her good style choices. And in the latest edition of ELLE Australia, we learn that not only is she seriously stunning, but she’s also super down to earth.

On the cover, Palermo embodies her laid-back style by wearing a pair of Rollas jeans, a white Acne t-shirt and black Gucci loafers. Her makeup is smokey while her hair is down with a natural-looking wave texture that reminds us that she is indeed the definition of chic. Oh, her husband Johannes Huebl is also very chic, but their styles are completely their own. “We never get dressed together – we always meet at the door!” Palermo said. “I’m not into the couple dressing idea.”

olivia palermo elle australia

Amen to that.

The 28-year-old also opened up about her career. “The second you forget how lucky you are to do what you do is the moment you need to step back and take a break.” That’s probably why she keeps herself humble by not having an army of helpers with her wherever she goes. “Entourages are totally unnecessary. I have an assistant, but she’s in college so her studies come before me, and when I’m on the road or going to fashion week, it’s three suitcases max and I’m the one pushing them!”

Seriously? We’re in love.

Head over to ELLE Australia to learn more about Palermo!

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