If there is one thing that fashion week is good at (aside from, you know, the whole fashion thing) it is introducing you to your new obsessions. Whether that is an amazing new color palette for spring, a trend you had no idea was coming back in style, or a new designer ready to take your closet by storm. What did I become obsessed with this season? I can thank New York Fashion Week specifically the Milly Showcase,  for introducing me to my new favorite jewelry: Eleanor Kalle.

Eleanor Kalle Lookbook (2)

Eleanor Kalle is a lifestyle brand based out of New York City started by Amy and Randi; two seriously cool girls. Eleanor Kalle herself, while not a real person, is a cool girl. The idea behind the “modern woman” Eleanor Kalle is fierce femininity. As their website says:

Eleanor loves vintage. She carries herself with a poised demeanor. Kalle is her cool counterpart. She wears what she wants no matter what’s in style. Nothing scares Kalle—she is confidence embodied. Together, Eleanor and Kalle are the Modern Woman—this is the essence of Eleanor Kalle

How can you not love that? Their unique pieces combine metals, stones, and vintage flair to create jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else. From collection to collection, the pieces can be built on each other, like you are hand crafting your own personal suit of beautiful, kick ass armor. What you wear should make you feel good, and with the weight and beauty of Eleanor Kalle jewelry, I feel empowered every time I put them on.

My whole life I have looked up to female figures that kick ass while looking fabulous. Women who combine their fierceness with their femininity. Heels and arrows. Women like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the sisters from Charmed. These handmade in New York pieces encompass that ideal to its fullest extent.

Eleanor Kalle Jewelry

(photos by Claire Moore) 

Eleanor Kalle currently has three collections: Indian Summer, Psychedelic Mexico and Rock Solid. Each collection has it’s own feel to it, but the pieces mix well together. The bracelet featured above is The Sandy from the Indian Summer collection, and it is paired with The Lane, a necklace from the Rock Solid collection.

If you’re looking for unique pieces that not only look amazing, but make you feel amazing when you wear them: look no further than Eleanor Kalle. Weather you want statement pieces, or a more subtle look, EK has something for every style. The pieces are edgy and wearable and will make any girl feel like she can take over the world.

For more photos of the jewelry and to stay updated you can follow Eleanor Kalle on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What Eleanor Kalle pieces will you build your armor out of?

photos via Eleanor Kalle


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