It is no mystery that washing your hair every day isn’t good for it. It can dry it out, strip it of its natural oils and also who has the time every single morning? No one. No one has the time to wash their hair every morning. So what do you do in between washes? If you’re like me, your hair starts to look a little greasy after day two and my arms get way too tired to wear milkbraids every day. So enter the solution: dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is one of those things that is amazing in theory. You spray it on your roots, give it a tousle or brush, style it normally and waltz out the door like the freshly shampooed girl you most definitely are not. But no one can tell! Because dry shampoo is magic in a can! However it can take forever to find the perfect dry shampoo. Some of them smell weird, some smell great but feel sticky like hairspray and if you are a brunette (like I am) then most of them are way too powdery and you end up looking like your fashion icon’s grandmother, not your fashion icon.

I have felt like Goldilocks the last few years searching high and low in every bear’s medicine cabinet to find the dry shampoo that was just right. And I have found it. I have finally found it.


photo via Fragantica

Batiste comes in funky, retro looking cans that are immediately more eye catching than most of the other dry shampoos out there. Not that the can is what matters, but it certainly helps doesn’t it? The original smells fresh and also comes in a handy purse size so you can bring this hair care wonder on the go. But it doesn’t just stop at “original” no, with cherry, floral, wild and “fresh” (a scent that is crisp and clean for all the dudes out there that want to use dry shampoo but don’t want to smell like a pretty flower) you can pick whichever scent floats your boat. Going to Cabo for spring break? Why not pick up a can of the “tropical” scent?

So they smell good and they look cute. But it also works really well. Like, insanely well. After a quick spray on my roots, my hair already felt fresher. It adds body and doesn’t get crunchy or sticky like other brands I have tried. A quick massage with my fingers, or a quick brush through and I was ready to go.

Now you might remember that I mentioned I am a brunette. With the normal Batiste dry shampoos, I still ran into the problem of aging myself a few decades. But Batiste has thought of everything and guess what? They offer tinted dry shampoo for blondes, medium brown and dark colored hair. No more getting mistaken for a septuagenarian when running errands!


photo via hdofblog

Batiste can be found online on their website or through places like Amazon and Ulta. You can also find it in stores in places like Walgreens, CVS and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have seen it for a few different prices ranging from $5.99-$8.99 depending on the store and the size. On sale though you can score a can for about $3 though, which is awesome.

So, set your alarms 20 minutes later, give your locks a break and try a can of Batiste. You won’t be sorry and neither will your hair.

Have you used Batiste?

feature photo via Emily’s Frugal Tips


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