“Okay, I’m only here to buy one or two things.” This is how all of my trips into a makeup store start out. Despite my valiant attempts to ignore the friendly sales people and the aisles of brightly colored lipsticks, I usually come out of a Sephora with a basket full of random products and a mixed feeling of defeat and excitement.

For those ladies who share my affinity for makeup, you know that sometimes there is no better feeling than breaking out a brand new lipstick, eyeliner, or any other beauty product really. You don’t have to wear a ton of makeup to be obsessed with it, either: that’s the beauty of it! There’s not much more to my daily beauty routine than some eyeliner, mascara, and blush, but that doesn’t mean I can’t obsess over all the other cool makeup products on the market! So, makeup lovers of the world, scroll through and be reminded of all the reasons why makeup is truly one of the greatest things on this planet. (OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean…)

1. Your makeup counter is a giant mess of random sample products, eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, and some stuff that you’re not even sure what it is…. 


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But you know EXACTLY where everything you need is, and you have a mini panic attack any time someone DARES mess with your supplies…

2. When you want to buy a new product and your friend asks you, “Don’t you already have like 10 of those?”

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Any makeup lover knows that you can NEVER (I repeat for emphasis), NEVER have too many products. What if your next purchase happens to become your new favorite beauty product?!

3. No matter how much we love shopping for new products, we’ll always have our absolute favorites…

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Sometimes, a beauty product can be like an old boyfriend. You go through some rough times together, maybe even take a break, but you know you’ll always come back to each other… (For me, this is the case with Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner. ILY <3)

4. You feel your weakest while at the checkout aisle of any makeup store.

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I mean, you’re standing in line waiting to pay, surrounded by amazing and cute, travel-sized beauty products, and you’re expected NOT to buy anything?

5. That horrible moment when your favorite eyeliner or lipstick runs out…

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This must be what heartbreak feels like.

6.  When you’re feeling bold and try a new product, then immediately regret it…

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Stepping out of the house like, “Why did I think blue lipstick would be a good idea? It looked so cool on Nicki Minaj…”

7. You’ve probably tried contouring, and it probably looked something like this:

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I have found no simple way to do this. There’s a reason it’s usually left up to the professionals.

8. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you can’t create the perfect winged eyeliner look…

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And you’ve definitely been late to something because of winged eyeliner. Perfectly legitimate excuse, IMHO.

9. You never underestimate the power of a good red lipstick.

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How satisfactory is this GIF, though?

10. No matter how much you love it, taking your makeup off at the end of the day is the best feeling. 

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Even though we all know it’s impossible to wash your face like this without getting soaked, you get the picture.

Are you obsessed with makeup?

Devon Kelliher is a New York University student pursuing a degree in Communications and Journalism. When she isn't being a student, she's catching a concert somewhere in New York or cheering for her beloved Boston sports teams. She is also known for her tendency to quote movies/TV shows at inappropriate times.