Leather sweatpants.


We got that out of the way. But the cold hard truth? We need them. We found 3.1 Philip Lim’s leather overalls fairly repulsive, but as it turns out that was wholly the result of their overall-ness, and nothing to do with the leather. Because these lambskin sweatpants from Vince—complete with elasticized ankles—have captured our cold, jaded hearts.

It’s a winning combination of the shlubby, headed-to-the-bodega-for-another-can-of-BBQ-Pringles silhouette paired with buttery black leather that pushes these pants into the triple-digit price tag territory. And thanks to an elastic waist, you might as well just eat a can of BBQ Pringles.

We’d pair it with a crisp white oxford and crimson lips, or a plush black cashmere v-neck. But if you’d need a little more polish before being convinced to pull these off, we’ll direct you to this chic look from Just Patience. Per Patience, “When it comes to leather, I am a “Kanye West” and I also do believe that leather pieces are a lifetime investment.”

That’s one way to look at these beauties, which will set you back $1,150. Should you, like us, not have the means to pursue a courtship with them, you can find similar styles at Urban Outfitters or this eBay seller who we’ve never shopped with but has mostly good feedback.

Vince Leather Jogging Pants, $1,150. Available at Vince.