In case you didn’t know, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North West celebrated her first birthday over the weekend.

In true West/Kardashian style, the festivites were big — to say the least. The theme of the party was “Kidchella” and it basically was a smaller, kid-friendlier version of Coachella, with a karaoke setup, ferris wheel and quite possibly, the coolest first birthday outfit ever. Kardashian posted a photo to her Instagram showing off North’s birthday outfit, which consisted of a sleeveless beige fringe dress, brown gladiator sandals and the perfect flower crown. We’ve yet to find out who the designer is (Kardashian didn’t reveal that information), but we bet it was custom… for sure.

Unfortunately, all the fashion choices from the day weren’t as well-received as North’s. Khloe Kardashian came under major fire after she posted a photo to her Instagram of herself wearing a traditional Native American headdress. There were many comments from users calling Kardashian out on her poor choice. “The point is is that headdresses and teepees should not be used as party decorations in the first place! Those of us who disagree with this photo are tired of seeing headdresses, signs of honor and respect in our history and culture, being used as a “fashion” accessory!” one person wrote. 

There were a few who defended Kardashian, but we really do think it was a bad move on her part. After all, has she learned nothing from Heidi Klum who stirred up some controversy after allowing the girls from Germany’s Next Top Model to pose in stereotypical Native American clothing and makeup? It seems she didn’t really care  though because she then posted a photo of a quote saying “you’re still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the fu*k you want.”

All right, Khloe.

What do you think of North West’s birthday outfit?

Michelle Manetti is a graduate of Pace University and has a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration of Media Studies. She met Marc Jacobs in an elevator once. She also believes that yoga, Liquiteria and a Hunter Thompson book could save the world.