Nicole kidman for jimmy choo cruise collecion 2014- Kidman logo

At 46 actress Nicole Kidman has had a rock solid career that has lasted around 30 years. The Academy Award Nominee is now a wife, a mother, and shows no sign of stopping.

Kidman is finally premiering in her ad campaign for high fashion line Jimmy Choo.  The brands newest collection Cruise features high end luxury shoes and bags that fit snug into the high fashion world.

Placed in the setting of a dark, dreamy, ominous beach with a soft sun glow radiating behind Kidman and her products. Photographed by famed photographer Camilla Akrans, who is known for glowing dream- like images and, most notably, her Rihanna shoot that was used as the cover of her album.

Kidman looks like she just floated outed of the glamorous 1960s with high blonde hair and heavy eye makeup. Ludivine Poiblanc styled the Australian beauty, who is showing off snake skin bags and stunning strapped heels.

nicole kidman jimmy choo- standing on beach cruise 2014

nicole kidman for jimmy choo cruise collection- sitting on beach

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo cruise collection 2014- Kidman wih clouds behind her

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo Cruise 2014- sandals

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