Beauty Nicki Minaj Comes Full Circle

Nicki Minaj Comes Full Circle

Nicki Minaj has been looking amazing lately. Have you noticed? She’s completely ditched her wild outfits, crazy wigs and extreme makeup and is going for a different look.

MTV News caught up with the rapper, who appears in the movie “The Other Woman,” and discussed how her style has evolved gradually. “I went so far to the other side that there’s only one place to go from there,” Minaj said. “You can either continue doing costumes or you can just say, ‘Hey guess what? This will shock them even more. Doing nothing will shock them even more.'”

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She’s absolutely right. We were all taken back when the rapper appeared on “Elle” magazine with barely any makeup and blonde locks. She said this all came about after she got a new hairstylist and really just started toning down her makeup. Her clothes have also undergone a transformation. She’s no longer rocking leopard tights or three dimensional dresses.

We’re loving Minaj’s new look, although she says it’s definitely not a makeover, it’s just her coming full circle. Whatever it may be, we think it’s great. We can appreciate her and her music now, without being so distracted by her hair.  Remember that time she had a leopard wig? Yeah, it’s hard to care about what she’s saying when you’re staring at that. So, good job, Nicki, you look fab.

Head over to MTV News to read more about the singer.

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