Vaseline is a commonly used beauty product to prevent chapped lips, but we tend to over look its versatile usage. Petroleum jelly can also be used for many other beauty-related activities that, for instance, can help you maintain healthier hair and skin — and the best party? It’s super affordable and easy to use! Scroll through to learn these incredible new uses for vaseline that will have you running to your local drug store to stock up.

1. Apply vaseline to your hands and elbows to protect rough or dry skin.

new uses for vaseline

2. What’s the point of purchasing expensive perfume if the scent won’t stay on your body all day long? Not to worry, petroleum jelly will help that scent stick when you rub it on your wrists and neck before applying your scent.


3.  Ever have trouble opening your nail polish bottle? Put a little Vaseline on the top of the bottle and the cap will come right off. Manicure made easy!


4. How irritating is it to get lip stick on your teeth — especially when it’s the long-wearing kind? Fear no more… just apply some jelly on your teeth and it will come right off.


5. Who doesn’t love long eye lashes? Applying a thin coat on your lashes at night will help them grow. 

longer lashes vaseline

6. Nothing is worse than split ends! Although we all have them, this vaseline trick will help maintain your hair and give it a healthy, glossy look.

split ends vaseline

v7. Maintaining your eyebrows can be a downright pain! Coating your brows before plucking or waxing can help smooth the skin and prevent irritation.

eyebrows vaseline

8. Makeup remover wipes can burn and could damage your skin. Vaseline is a great substitute to get rid of those smokey eyes and bring you back to your all natural look.

new use for vaseline makeup remover

Which of these new uses for vaseline is your favorite?

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